We have come across a common problem with BBpress on WordPress Multisite installs when a user tries to access forums from the admin they receive a 500 internal server error. This fix may not solve all cases of this issue but it solves most cases we have come across.

You need to edit one of the BBpress plugin files so please ensure that you have FTP access.

Navigate to the plugins directory and find the BBpress plugin, within the plugin folder go to > includes > forums > functions.php on line 1796 you can change:

$post_stati = $posts_query->get( 'post_status' ); 


$post_stati = $posts_query->get( 'post_status' ); 
if (!is_array($post_stati)){
	$post_stati = array($post_stati);

Save the file and try and open all forums

Please leave any questions below or feel free to get in touch if you still have issues with BBPress.