WooCommerce Support

Support for your WooCommerce shop is included Maintenance & Support + Maintenance Plans.

Many WordPress support providers don’t include WooCommerce websites in their WordPress Maintenance & Support Packages. At WP Helper we support WooCommerce shops that sell on average 1-200 products per month as part of our standard Maintenance & Support+ Maintenance plans. If you sell more than 200 products per month then we can still cover your website but there is a small additional fee.

Why do we charge for shops that sell more than 200 products per month? WooCommerce is a very intensive plugin that requires a lot of monitoring to ensure that everything is running fast and smoothly. If you are selling over 200 products per month then you have a rather busy shop that will need real-time backups, high levels of database optimisation and monitoring. Meaning it requires more time to maintain such a busy store. Our pricing is structured to be affordable and fair, we have pricing brackets for stores of various sizes so as a small store you don’t need to pay the same as a large store selling thousands of products per month.

WooCommerce support features:

  • WooCommerce store reports
  • Real-time backups for stores exceeding 200 sales per month. Also available for smaller stores as an add-on.
  • Specialist WooCommerce Developer support with our Support + Maintenance plan
  • Support with 3rd party WooCommerce plugins
  • Support for hosting for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce consultation to help you make the most of your setup


Support features that have you covered

WP Helper plans include all you need to rest assured that your WordPress site is fully optimised, secure, backed up and monitored. You get so much more with WP Helper such as monthly reports, SEO audits and even support with WooCommere and WordPress Multisite. You can also build your own plans so you pay only for what you need.

Click each feature to find out more.

Offsite Backups

Secure backups to our AWS S3 storage and/or your own offsite storage. Backup frequencies of your choice from daily to real-time.

Security Hardening

Initial security hardening, malware checking and server inspection followed by monthly Sucuri checkups.

Site Optimisations

Initial performance optimisation. Includes setup of static cache, object cache, script minification and general optimising. Weekly or monthly checkups will follow.

Imagify Image Compression

Get access to automatic image optimisation from Imagify. Your images are compressed on upload to improve load time and SEO.

SEO Audits & Reports

Monthly SEO audits and keyword ranking reports. Keep on top of your SEO and see where it can be improved.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor your site and act immediately if anything goes wrong. You get monthly Uptime reports.

Site Reports

Get details reports of updates, uptime, analytics, performance and backups each month.

Web Trust

We check your site to ensure that it marked as safe across various services such as Google Safe Browsing, Sucuri Malware and Norton.

Developer Support

Get access to our developers who will help with everything from custom functions to support with 3rd party services. Get support direct from your dashboard.

Woocommerce Support

We support WooCommerce websites from small to large we ensure that your store is running smoothly.

Update Management

From WordPress core updates to themes and plugins we conduct safe updates for you.

Premium Plugins & Thems

WP Helper gives you access to hundreds of premium plugins and themes. From Divi to Gravity Forms.

Relax Knowing Your WordPress Site Is Secure & Running Smoothly 24/7

Let us manage your WordPress site, everything from security to updates will be taken care of. Support plans also come with dedicated support so we can do anything from adding content to customising your site for you.

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