Can I use a WP Helper plan on my WordPress multisite?

Yes, you certainly can. If your network has more than 4 subsites an additional fee will be applied, this will be included in the signup process. The reason for this is due to the size of the multisite footprint and complexity involved.

How do I get support?

You will be given access to the WP Helper user area where you can login and submit a support ticket or you simply email our support team from the email address used with your WP Helper account.

How secure is WP Helper?

We take security extremely seriously, from encrypting all connections and support tickets to the safe storage of any sensitive data. All payments are processed by Stripe and PayPal so we never handle or store payment information. We will only ever discuss your account with the account holder, when signing up for an account we will require a memorable date that may need to be confirmed in a support ticket or email correspondence.

See our safety page for more details.

Do we provide SEO services?

Yes, our support and maintenance plans include monthly SEO audits for your site. We can also provide dedicated SEO services with Lakewood. The improvements to your site with all WP Helper plans will help improve on-page SEO.

Do we add content?

No, WP Helper is a support and maintenance service we don't do content. We take the strain of managing the technical side of your WordPress site so you can concentrate on the content. If you are looking for a content management plan then please visit Lakewood media for copywriting and content marketing services.

What happens if my site is hacked?

WP Helper constantly monitor your site and will add additional security parameters to greatly reduce the chance of an attack.

Unfortunately even with the best practises in place and hardened security throughout it is impossible to completely hack proof your site. In the event of a security breach we will be on hand to immediately roll back changes to a backup sorted off site and prevent the breach from happening again. Security concerns take priority over any other support ticket.

How often is my site backed up?

We can schedule the backup at a time and frequency that suits you, if you are making changes hourly we will backup the database hourly and the site files daily. Backups are usually conducted during the time of the least traffic so in the early hours of the morning.

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